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Thursday, October 11, 2007


The Yankees are leaving Torre twisting in the wind. They say they won't announce his fate for a few more days.

I have mixed feelings about that. He doesn't deserve to be left in limbo like that. But I guess if they are seriously considering re-signing him, it's legit to wait. He was considered dead and buried at this time last year, but Cashman saved his bacon.

Mo has hinted that he may leave if Torre is ousted, but I think he's just saying that. If they offer him a good contract, he'll stay. Ditto Posada.

If Torre goes, who takes his place? Mattingly was the frontrunner at the beginning of the season, but now many think he's too close to Torre. Girardi's star is rising, but he may not have the personality for NY. Tony La Russa is another name being bandied about. It may seem like an odd choice, but he's the kind of guy Steinbrenner likes. Assuming it's still Steinbrenner who making the decisions.

I don't hate Torre, but I think after twelve years, it's probably time for a change. I just can't get excited over any of the possible replacements. Hmm. Bucky Dent is looking for a job. He was fired by the Reds, reportedly because he was upset over being passed over for Pete Mackanin.

Speaking of the Reds, they will also be looking for a new manager. Some of the same names have come up: Girardi, La Russa...and Torre. I know, it seems like a long shot, but Torre's wife is reportedly from Cincinnati. He definitely seems to want to keep managing, even if it's not in NY, so why not Cincinnati?

Though actually, I like what I've seen of Pete Mackanin. He's a smart guy, has a great sense of humor, and seems to handle both the press and the players well. It'll never happen, but I wouldn't mind seeing what he could do with the Yankees. (Would be funny if the Yanks and the Reds swapped managers next season.)

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