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Friday, October 19, 2007

Dreary Friday

The storms that wreaked such havoc over the midwest and southeast are over the northeast now, so it's a wet, dreary evening. Just as well; thanks to the myriad off days in the postseason schedule, there's no baseball tonight. Boy, it feels weird to have no baseball on a Friday night.

Torre minced few words in his press conference today. He was classy as always, but he made it clear that he thought the offer was an insult, and that he's pretty angry at the way he was treated. He flew down to Florida hoping to negotiate, but he soon realized that negotiation wasn't what the Yankees had in mind. He knew they were trying to force him to turn it down. The meeting lasted only 20 minutes.

Torre sounds like he's very much interested in managing another team, and said he would accept a lower salary than the Yankees offered him to do it.

And you can cross Trey Hillman off the list of possible Torre replacements. He's going to be managing the Kansas City Royals instead. He was a long shot for the Yankees job, but I'd have liked to see what he could do. Torre was so "old school." Someone younger - or at least, someone more open to the new thinking on baseball - would be nice.

Oh, and check out NoMaas.

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