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Monday, October 01, 2007

Death of a Season

The Mets' season ended in heartbreak yesterday, and the tabloids had field day.

It wasn't only the kids who were crying. Their parents were, too:

Leaning on the bar at ESPN Zone in Times Square, Steve Thomas, 32, a Mets believer in a boisterous throng of Yankee fans celebrating their customary march into the playoffs, called the Mets meltdown “the biggest choke job that ever happened,” and groped for words to explain how badly he took it.

“The New York Mets disappointed me in a way I had never been disappointed since I’ve been on this earth, man,” Mr. Thomas said. “To be in first place for the whole season and then lose it in the last game is like getting a letter with that job offer you always dreamed about the day after the offer expires. They let me down. They really let me down.”

As soon as I set foot in the office this morning, the security guard at the door started laughing at the Mets and their hapless fans. He's a diehard Yankee fan, and knows I am, too. But I don't hate the Mets. I'd have loved another Subway Series.

Baseball. It'll break your heart every time.

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