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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Death of a Dynasty

The Yankees' season is over. They managed a win last night, but fell just short tonight. Chien-Ming Wang gave up a leadoff homer to start the game, which wasn't a good sign. The kid ended up being pulled early, and Moose came in. Moose pitched all right, but didn't get much run support. (The story of his life lately.)

Once again, the Yankees' dependence on slugging came back to bite them in the post-season. Cleveland didn't hit a lot of home runs. It was just a bloop here, a bloop there, and suddenly, the Yanks were in a hole. Once behind, they seemed to panic, swinging for the fences at everything.

Jeter had a terrible series. His post-season average is below the Mendoza line, and he seemed to hit about a million GIDPs. Not clutch. Maybe that will take some of the heat off A-Rod.

Torre's eyes were red and wet during the post-game press conference, and he sounded like he knew it was goodbye. He wouldn't talk about the possibility of being fired, but everyone seems to see the handwriting on the wall. The Yankees coaches and other staff were reportedly crying and hugging each other, knowing that many of them would not be back next year.

Pettitte, Posada, and Rivera reportedly may leave if Torre does. I suspect they are trying to save Torre's job, but if push comes to shove, they'll probably stay.

I can't say I'm surprised or upset at how this season ended. I'm happy they even made the post-season, all things considered. And I think Torre probably should be replaced.

But it's sad. Sad that baseball season is over, at least for the Yanks, and it will be a long, cold winter before they'll pick up the bats again. Sad that Torre is likely leaving, and probably a lot of other players and coaches, too. Sad that it's the end of a dynasty.

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