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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday Shopping

Wow, the bidders were busy last night. When we last looked in on the Bats' pink jersey auction, Joey Votto was in the lead, followed by Mark Bellhorn.

We have a new leader this morning: catcher Ryan Jorgensen, whose jersey has a $310 bid. (Wonder if they spelled his name right this time?) In second place is Jay Bruce, whose jersey is currently going for $290. Former frontrunner Joey Votto's jersey is up to $280. In fourth place is Mark Bellhorn, now at $245. Fifth place is held by Paul Janish's jersey, at $210.

The bidding remains open until midnight September 3, so there's plenty of time. There was a lot of last-minute action in the last Bats charity auction.

And over on eBay, there's this auction. It's a Bubba Crosby game-used bat. Black, maple, with "19" written on the end.

(Last season, Bubba lost his bat into the stands in Columbus, when it slipped out of his grip on a swing. I wonder if this is it?)

Anyway, it's a nice item. It already has a bid from someone who appears to be a fan of Bubba's, judging from his/her user ID.

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