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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Running out of outfielders

Adam Dunn has been nursing a sore knee, so yesterday, he was given the day off. Joey Votto started in left field instead. Griffey, Freel, and Hamilton are out for the season with injuries, and Hopper was ejected for arguing a bad call in the first at-bat of the game. So the rest of the outfield was covered by Jason Ellison and Buck Coats. I'm sure many Reds fans were saying, "Who?"

The Reds had so many outfielders in spring training, and acquired more along the way. Now they're running out. Who'd have thunk it?

The Yankees played 14 innings last night. They had an early game today, and it was at almost the 5 hour mark after nine innings. And that was not counting the rain delay before the game. Then it went to extra innings. It feels like they've been playing the Jays for about year. Good thing they have the expanded rosters, or I don't know what Joe would have done with the bullpen.

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