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Monday, September 24, 2007

I want that

Remember "The $100 laptop"? It was designed for children in Third World countries, who might not have access to regular electricity. It was supposed to be powered by a hand crank.

A lot of Americans loved the idea. Laptop batteries are a pain. They never last as long as claimed. Spares are expensive and heavy. There's nothing worse than running out of juice while you're in the middle of something (unless it's having the batteries explode).

Well, if you wanted one, you can get one:

Give a low-cost laptop, get one free

The project that hopes to supply developing-world schoolchildren with $188 laptops will sell the rugged little computers to U.S. residents and Canadians for $400 each, with the profit going toward a machine for a poor country.

The One Laptop Per Child project expects that its "Give One, Get One" promotion will result in a pool of thousands of donated laptops that will stimulate demand in countries hesitant to join the program. It will be offered for only two weeks in November.

It's not quite $100. They actually cost $188 each to manufacture, though they hope to bring the price down to $100 in a couple of years. And at least for now, the November "Give One, Get One" promotion is the only way to get one in the US.

I have a laptop, but I still want one of these. It would be great to have a crank-powered computer. Just in case Richard Duncan's Olduvai Theory is correct. Even if it's not, it would be very convenient to use during blackouts, while camping, or on long layovers in the airport when all the outlets are full. Since it's meant for children, it's very sturdily built. It has a screen made to be viewed in bright sunlight, and built-in wireless with extra range. I think there's a built-in video camera, too. And it's light - only 3-1/2 pounds. Easy to tote to the ballpark if you want to blog during the game. (I know, that's incredibly nerdy. But people do it, with laptops and Blackberries. This would be a lot better.)

In other news...this guy thinks Bubba Crosby is the greatest baseball player of all time. Now that's a fan!


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