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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bellhorn's Back

Surprise, surprise. Trent reports that the Reds have called up Mark Bellhorn. I thought they might call up an outfielder, but I wasn't expecting them to call up an infielder. The Reds are going through players like Kleenex, with Hamilton, Griffey, Dunn, Hatteberg, and Gonzalez shut down for the season. They've activated Jerry Gil, but he's only available to pinch run. So they needed reinforcements for the bench, and Trent thinks they picked Bellhorn because he's a switch-hitter.

Sigh. It's really too bad Bubba got hurt. He'd have gotten a chance with the Reds if he could play.

The Yankees clinched yesterday, while the Mets' postseason chances are fading fast. Unbelievable.

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