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Friday, August 24, 2007

The world's most expensive baseball glove

Rawlings has made what they claim is the world's best and most expensive baseball glove: the Primo. It's made of three (not just two) layers of Italian leather, and costs $400.

Actually, I'm kind of surprised it's that cheap. Er, not that I'll be buying one anytime soon, but given how expensive Italian leather shoes and handbags can be, $400 for the world's most expensive baseball glove seems like a bargain.

(Compare that price to the cost of these luxury lederhosen. A pair with diamond buttons went for $114,000.)

Anyway, Rawlings is having trouble selling the glove, because ball players are so attached to their gloves, it's hard to get them to switch. And kids buy the gloves their heroes use, so unless it catches on with big leaguers, it won't catch on with Little Leaguers.

The article includes some amusing stories about players and their gloves.

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