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Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Class of '98

Came across this page the other day. It's a list of the 1st Round of the 1998 June Draft (with Bubba at #23, of course). Some very big names on the list, as well as some who never made the big leagues at all.

Taken back to back at seventh and eighth were Austin Kearns and Felipe Lopez, two players involved the big trade last year that many Reds fans are still disgruntled over. Kearns was the Reds' first round pick.

The Yankees picked 24th that year (just missing out on Bubba ;-). They took outfielder Andy Brown. In seven years with the Yankees, he never really made it past A-ball. After becoming a minor league free agent, he signed with the Cardinals, then played a year in an independent league. He's been out of baseball for a couple of years now, so far as I know.

Also came across this story, about Diamondbacks outfielder Chris Young. He went to Bellaire High, Bubba's alma mater, and amazingly, wasn't even a starter there.

...Young's mother pulled aside Bellaire coach, Rocky Manuel, and according to Manuel, said, "If you can get Chris in there long enough to get a couple hits, I think it would build his confidence."

Manuel made Young his starting center fielder the next season and told him "I don't care what happens; you're going to be out there every day."

Just like that, a star was born. "Once he had that assurance, he just exploded," Manuel said.

Funny how it often seems to work that way. Melky Cabrera was horrible this year as a fourth outfielder, but once he was guaranteed regular starts, he became a whole different player.

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Yankees need to send Damon off to wherever Womack is these days.
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