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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Unlucky 13

Today wasn't lucky for the Yanks. They lost a heartbreaker in the 13 innings to the dreaded Halos. Both Jeter and A-rod were O-fer in the game. Cano and Damon were also O-fer, and Melky had five strikeouts.

Andy Phillips was still out with a stiff neck. Cairo played 1B. He was 2 for 5, with three (3!) errors. (Though some thought that Cairo got an error on a bad throw, when the ball would have gotten past Andy altogether.)

The Yanks certainly had a chance to win. In the bottom of the 13th, Cano lead off with a groundout. Miggy singled, stole 2B, then took 3rd on defensive indifference. Damon walked. Then Melky struck out (again), and Jeter hit into a fielder's choice. Inning over.

Things went better for the Reds. They gave up a three-run lead in the dreaded 8th inning, but scored a run in the bottom of the frame and hung on (barely) for the win. Bailey looked okay, Stanton looked good, Weathers...well, he got the job done. (Don't ask about Coffey. Let's just say he'll probably be back in scenic Louisville soon.)

Freel got ejected, apparently for arguing a call with the 1B umpire. And Hamilton left the game with a sprained right wrist. He injured himself swinging the bat in the on-deck circle. (Dangerous, those on-deck circles.)

It's a fortunately timed injury. Freel is back, and can take over center field. And the All-Star break will give Hamilton extra time to recover.

Still, wrist injuries are tricky. (Remember Sheff's wrist injury last year?) Sprains can be worse than breaks. And they're putting his wrist in a cast, which kind of suggests it's a serious sprain. Someone in Louisville may be getting a callup.

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