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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Shakeup Continues...

Trent reports that Dent was fired, he didn't quit. Ed Napolean quit. They wanted him to stay, but he declined. Pat Kelly is the new bench coach.

Trent also had this article today:

Hamilton: Better keep Narron's brother here - Center fielder says he's 'package deal'

"He's a package deal with me. If I'm going to be here, he's going to be here. And that's not just for this year. That's for a lot of years," Hamilton said. "If they're really serious about having me as a player and want me to do well, they'll keep things like they are."

Yikes. Years? He's expecting them to keep Johnny Narron on the payroll as his babysitter...for years? Way to be a prima donna, rook.

The rest of the article has more on the Brandon Phillips brouhaha, and also a quote from Hamilton denying that he got special treatment from Narron.

I wonder if that's what was really Phillips' beef. One of the beat writers - can't remember which one - mentioned that the players were rather peeved when Encarnacion got benched for not running out a popup, but Hamilton did the same with impunity.

If there's one thing that drives people nuts, it's perceived unfairness. They'll put up with almost anything but that. It's tough, because major league baseball is inherently unfair. The Derek Jeters of the baseball world live by different rules than the Chris Basaks. Still, if it was so bad they were muttering to the press about it, it's probably best that Narron's gone.

The Reds also made a couple of roster moves today. Ryan Freel was activated, and is starting in CF tonight. Third catcher Chad Moeller was DFA'd to make room. (I wonder if the Yankees might be interested in him. He's gotta be better than Mr. 6 hits in 3 years, Wil Nieves.)

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Maybe it's me, but everytime I pay attention to Nieves, he's hitting the ball hard, but just right at someone. I think he's a better player than stats show, he'll get his blooper base hits down the line, and it'll even out. Hopefully, he gets that chance. Besides, Moose seems to like him.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, July 03, 2007 8:17 PM  
If Nieves was just a poor hitter, I could live with him. He's a backup catcher, after all.

What bothers me is that he's not good on defense, either. At least, every time I see him, he's...well...not very good.

I remember one game last year, with the Clippers, where Nieves threw the ball into center field when he meant to throw it to 2B...twice. Two innings in a row, he did the same thing: threw the ball to Bubba instead of to the second baseman.

Pitchers reportedly love Moeller. Trent calls him NGITW (for "The Nicest Guy In the World"). And he's a very good bunter.

I don't like the "personal catcher" thing. I think it's a mistake. Especially when the backup catcher is as bad as Nieves. We saw it with RJ. When it came to the post-season, we had to either put him out there with Jorgie, when they weren't used to each other, or go without Jorgie's bat in the lineup. Not good.
commented by Blogger BubbaFan, July 03, 2007 8:51 PM  

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