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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bubba Update

Sorry no update in so long. I've been out of town. I had my laptop with me, but wasn't online all that much. You're not supposed to spend your vacation in your hotel room typing on a computer, darn it!

And to make things worse, has been screwing up the Bats game audio feeds. The past couple of days they've had no audio feed, or only the Scranton audio feed. It's of course the Louisville feed that has the Bubba Crosby updates.

However, I did manage to get Monday's game from the archives. Bubba is currently in Cincinnati. That's where he had the surgery done. The Reds orthopedic specialist, Dr. Timothy Kremchek, was the surgeon. Eventually, they are expecting Bubba to be sent back to Sarasota to continue his recovery.

Several people have asked me for Bubba's e-mail address. Sorry, I don't know his e-mail address (if he even has one). And I wouldn't tell if I did know. You can write to him care of the Bats.

If you want to send Bubba get well wishes or birthday greetings (his birthday is August 11), and you're too lazy to use snail mail, you can e-mail me your message, or post it to the Guestbook. I'll print it out and snail-mail it to Bubba. Get them to me by August 3.

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I bet Bubba would want Shelley Duncan to play.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, July 26, 2007 6:17 AM  

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