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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Bizarro Game

Lucky 7

Apparently, there are people rushing to get married today. Or go to the casinos. Because of the date: 7-7-07. Maybe the date will bring some luck to the Yanks. I have a feeling they'll need it.

I don't know what it is about the Angels, but the weirdest things happen when the Yankees play them. Yesterday was no exception.

Andy Phillips, one day after being declared the starting first baseman, was out with neck pain. Miguel Cairo started at 1B. Andy Pettitte had another bad outing. Melky got an error on a bad throw. The much-maligned Miggy hit a triple, but had it reduced to a double when Robinson Cano missed third base on his way home. Cairo got an error on a bad throw to Pettitte (though many thought it was Pettitte who deserved the error). Edwar Ramirez didn't do as well against the Halos as he did against the Twins. Maybe because of the kind of hitters the Halos are, maybe because they know him too well. (He was originally drafted by the Angels.)

And yet, the Yankees somehow pulled out a win. Everyone hit well yesterday. I don't know if that means the Yanks are finally turning it around, or if the Angels' pitching sucks.

Pettitte's continued struggles are worrisome. I'm not exactly surprised; I wasn't expecting much from him, to tell you the truth. He's not the same pitcher he was when he left. I'm not too worried about Edwar. I still think he can be a solid reliever. I am worried that Torre will bury him on the bench after yesterday's outing.

Still, there's an air of hope now in Yankeeland, that wasn't there a week ago. People are talking about making a run in the second half. I dunno how realistic it is, but Yankee fans are hoping again.

Meanwhile, in Cincinnati, Kyle Lohse pitched a complete game. It was almost a complete-game shutout; he gave up a run in the 9th. The new manager, Mackanin, is having a pretty happy honeymoon, but how long will it last?

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