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Saturday, June 02, 2007

The trouble with Florida...


Okay, Barry isn't a hurricane. It was a tropical storm, and is now a tropical depression. But it sounds like it rained out Sarasota's extended spring training game today. And it's now moving up the east coast, and will likely rain out the Bats in Durham tomorrow.

Speaking of Durham...there's an article in the Durham paper about Josh Hamilton today:

Hamilton's journey of peaks and valleys

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It has a sort-of explanation of why he was DLed.

Give Krivsky credit for being wise.

"If it wasn't the second time he had something similar, it might have been a different story," Krivsky said on the Reds' Web site. "But this is the second time in a month. If you consider everything Josh has gone through since Feb. 1 - and probably back to the winter - to prepare to come into the big leagues, he's been getting after it pretty good. I'm sure it has been a shock to his system, like it would be to anybody."

Common sense said it's a good idea to take a step back and see how Hamilton feels and plays.

Makes sense, I guess. But I can't help thinking that it would also make sense if the drinking rumors are true. Drinking is not illegal, and would not cause him to fail a drug test. But it is certainly not advisable for someone with his history. Maybe Krivsky decided a trip home to North Carolina, where his family is, was in order. (Hamilton will be with the Bats only while they are in North Carolina, playing series against Durham and Charlotte.)

Jim Kelch said again today that Bubba is close to being ready to play. He expects Bubba to play in extended spring training games, and then with the Sarasota Reds. He hasn't seen live pitching in six weeks, so he'll have to work on his timing. Once he's ready, he'll rejoin the Bats.


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