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Friday, June 08, 2007

Freel Healing

Trent has some news about Ryan Freel today. It's not good. He's getting better, but is still suffering bad headaches and is not cleared for any physical activity. Freel estimates he's had about ten concussions in his life. It was the tenth concussion that ended Troy Aikman's career. Trent actually asked Freel his career might be in jeopardy; he just said he didn't want to think about that.

It may be a long time before Freel is back in the lineup. If he comes back.

Former Yankee Kelly Stinnett played in a Reds-Cards a couple of days ago. I was surprised to see him; I thought he'd retired. Apparently, he had, until the World Series champs begged him to un-retire.

As for why Stinnett was in the game...Molina is the DL. A foul tip fractured his wrist. Then Harang beaned Gary Bennett, and it was Kelly Stinnett to the rescue.

BTW...La Russa is an idiot. He went off on Harang for the HBP. Which was unfair. Harang is not that kind of guy, and even if he was, there was no reason for him to intentionally bean someone. There was nothing to retaliate for, and if you are going headhunting, the backup catcher is not usually the victim.

But seeing your player being hit in the head is frightening. (Especially when the backup is Kelly Stinnett.) I could understand his being upset. Remember that time the Orioles manager accused Bubba of running inside the line, the time Brian Roberts put his elbow between Bubba and 1B? He argued it so heatedly that he ended up being ejected. But...he cooled down the next day, and said that Bubba hadn't done anything wrong.

But La Russa was still kvetching and demanding that Harang be suspended two days later. Good gravy, man. Get a grip.

And on the Louisville front...the Bats announcers are steamed about Scranton's Shelly Duncan being chosen minor league player of the month over Joey Votto. They've been complaining about it for two days now. Maybe the coaches who voted were considering defense as well as offense. Though Duncan is probably not a future Gold Glover.

A lot of roster moves were made. Homer was called up, to the surprise of no one. Coffey was sent down to make room on the 25-man roster, which was a surprise. I was expecting McBeth to get the ticket to Louisville. I'm glad he'll stick around. He looks promising.

And Jeff Bannon, who was on, then off, then on the DL, is off again. Earl Snyder was released to make room for him. Wow. Snyder hadn't been hitting well, but I wasn't expecting him to be released.

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