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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What is this strange thing called winning?

Well, the Yanks snapped a five-game losing streak today. The Reds won their third in a row, and go for the sweep tomorrow. Wow. I'd almost forgotten what it's like to win.

And the Bats won in a big way. They hit three home runs in the first inning, and never looked back. Josh Hamilton is now 3 for 8 in Triple-A, with all three hits home runs.

There was some bad news about Phil Hughes. Peter Abraham reports that his ankle sprain is very, very bad. He likely will be back in August at the earliest. Tough news for the Yanks, and for the kid. I don't know if Pete is right, and it was bringing him up too soon that's the root cause of these injuries. It's possible. I think the Reds are probably right to be cautious with Homer Bailey.

And Jim Kelch said tonight that Bubba is very close to getting off the DL. As reported yesterday, Bubba is in Sarasota to play in some extended spring training games. Jim thinks Bubba might eventually play with the Sarasota Reds, Cincinnati's high-A team, until he's ready, and/or a roster spot opens up with the Bats.

I e-mailed Jim and asked him about the extended spring training games. He said they are open to the public, though they are played on a practice field, not the main ballpark. He said there was no schedule, but I figure there has to be one, somewhere. Extended spring training games are played against other teams, so there must be a schedule, if only so each team knows where to show up when.

Judging from other teams' extended spring training schedules, most games start at around noon.

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