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Monday, May 28, 2007

Sleight of Hand

When Hopper and Freel collided in the outfield, and Freel ended up crumpled at the base of the wall, it was a miracle that he managed to hang on to the ball.

Turns out the miracle had a name, and it was Norris Stephen Hopper. It seems he quickly slipped the ball into Freel's glove when he ran over to check on him.

I am in the Pittsburgh area tonight, and watched Savran on SportsBeat. The first caller he got complained that Freel didn't make the catch, Hopper put the ball in his glove. Savran agreed that the video was suggestive, but said since you can't actually see the ball, he considered it "inconclusive."

But Trent has no doubt. He's got some great quotes from both the Reds and the Pirates today.

Meanwhile, the Bats are in Charlotte, North Carolina. Josh Hamilton is there, too, though he won't be added to the Bats roster until tomorrow. He was born and raised in the Tarheel State, so he's staying at home rather than in the team hotel.

Traveling with him is Jerry Narron's older brother Johnny. I guess he really was hired to be Hamilton's babysitter.

Bubba is still traveling with the team, but might not be for much longer. They said tonight that they may be sending him to Florida soon, to work with medical coordinator Richard Stark and the training staff there. I think it's a good sign - part of the rehab process.

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