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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Reds roster-go-round

Our trusty Trent reports that after tonight's game (another loss), Jeff Keppinger and Bobby Livingston were sent back to Louisville. Chad Moeller and Marcus McBeth were called up.

Sounds like they are trying to fix the bullpen, the weakest link. Moeller is the kind of catcher that pitchers love. And McBeth is projected to be a closer, just the kind of pitcher they need.

But jeez, it leaves them a little short of infielders. This can't last long. They're going to have to make another move, probably sooner rather than later.

I have to think Norris Hopper will be sent down (even though he's right-handed, and hitting well), and another infielder called up. Encarnacion? He's kind of struggling in Louisville. Three errors in four games, batting .235. And he has stay in the minors for at least another week.

Aaron Herr might be a good choice. He's hitting very well - the best on the Bats team. He's right-handed, and has some power.

Jeff Bannon is another possibility. He's also hitting well, though without much power. He's also right-handed, and he can play both infield and outfield positions - a useful quality for a team that's carrying three catchers.

Stay tuned.

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