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Friday, May 11, 2007

Left coast late nights

For some reason, the Yanks and the Reds have similar schedules this year. It's rather aggravating. Same days off, same days for day games, trips out west at the same time. Which means their games are almost always on at the same time.

Tonight, the Reds game started at 10:40pm, while the Yanks game started at 10:05pm. The Bats were supposed to start at 7pm, but they had a two-hour rain delay. Sheesh.

The MiLB.TV broadcast did show Bubba briefly tonight, during the national anthem:

That's him in the middle. Sorry it's so fuzzy, but the quality of the MiLB.TV broadcasts just isn't very good.

It was a very exciting game. Jesse Gutierrez hit a walkoff homer in the 10th to give Louisville the victory. He had a great night. 3 for 5, with a double, the homer, and 3 RBI.

The Yanks are winning more games these days, but I suspect it's because they're playing four series against two very bad teams. Cano is a mired in a slump. Melky...I don't know if he's slumping or just returning to his mean. Abreu is perhaps the most baffling. He's not hitting well. Renowned for his patience and great eye, he's not walking, either. Even his fielding seems to be suffering. He's no Bubba Crosby, but I swear he used to have a better glove and a little more hustle than he's currently showing.

The Reds are in turmoil. After two errors that cost the Reds a game, Encarnacion was sent down to Louisville. Keppinger was called up to replace him. Keppinger's played well and deserves a shot, but yikes, sending down E^2 seems a bit drastic. Perhaps there are things going on in the clubhouse we don't know about.

And Trent reports that Bobby Livingston has won the "who gets to take over Milton's spot" sweepstakes. He says it came down to Livingston or Belisle. Eh. I'd rather see Dumatrait.

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