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Monday, May 28, 2007

Freel leaves game on a stretcher

Ryan Freel and Norris Hopper collided in deep right center today. It looked pretty bad, with Freel lying there looking like he was dead. He was carried off the field on a stretcher.

Fortunately, his injuries weren't serious. His scans were normal, and he was diagnosed with only a contusion (medical speak for a bruise). However, he may be headed for the DL.

With Hamilton already on the DL, the Reds may have to call up another outfielder. Someone on FSN thought it would be Bubba Crosby, but I doubt that. He's been on the DL for six weeks now. He's doing well and may be almost ready to return, but even if they activate him, he'll need some rehab games.

Plus, this is likely to be a short stint for whoever gets called up. Hamilton will likely be activated June 3, and Freel won't be out long, either. So they'll probably stick with a kid who still has options left, so they don't have to do the waiver wire thing when it's time to send him down again. Also, they'd probably prefer someone who bats right-handed.

It's too bad Jeff Bannon is on the DL. He'd fill the bill if he were healthy. A righty, plays infield and outfield, and was hitting well until he was injured. I guess Dewayne Wise is likely to get the call, even though he's a lefty. The only right-handed OFer with the Bats is Mike Edwards, and he's not hitting much.

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