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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Coffey to go

Trent reports that Todd Coffey has been sent down to Louisville, and Gary Majewski has been called up. Bob Hunter called it.

I know most fans wanted Stanton cut instead, but he's a veteran, and he's got a big contract. I expected it to be Coffey sent down. He's still got options left. And he can probably still learn a few things in Triple-A.

And in Trent's blog yesterday, a couple of the commenters reported that Josh Hamilton is off the wagon. They said they've seen him hanging out at bars at all hours, boozing it up with women not his wife. It's not a crime - he's of legal age - but drinking when you've got an addictive personality like he does seems unwise. Hamilton himself said he'd given up drinking because drinking made him want to do drugs.

I know, you can't believe everything you read on the net. And I don't. But Hamilton has also been put in the DL, supposedly with gastroenteritis. That seems rather odd. That's not an ailment players are usually DL'd for. And he's played well enough; I don't think this is an excuse to get him off the roster. Something seems out of kilter here.

I hope the rumors of his drinking are not true. If they are, he's playing with fire.


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