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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bubba Wins It!

April 5, 2007: Louisville Bats 5, Toledo Mud Hens 4

Not a bad night for our hero, even though he went only 1 for 5 (and is therefore batting .200). He made two or three plays in right field that really impressed the announcers (who remembered him doing a lot of damage to the Bats when he was a Clipper). They commented on his speed, concentration, and fearlessness in the outfield.

At the plate, he got his first at-bat in the second inning. One out, none on. Zach Miner seemed to have his number. One ball, then Bubba swung and missed at the next three pitches. Actually, Miner seemed to have almost everyone's number, at least the first time through the order.

Bubba's second at-bat was in the fourth. One out, none on. He let the first pitch go by as a ball, then hit a line drive to right. It was a standup double. The announcers seemed to think he was considering heading for 3B. Gutierrez walked, and Wise struck out swinging. Conway hit a single to center field, and Bubba scored. 4-2 Mud Hens.

He came to the plate again in the 6th. One out, none on. He grounded out to 2B on the second pitch.

Louisville rallied in the 8th inning. Bubba came to bat with one out, runners on 2B and 3B. The score was still 4-2 Mud Hens, so this was a chance to tie the game, or even pull ahead. The Mud Hens brought in southpaw Vic Darensbourg to face the lefty Bubba. (Guess they weren't fooled by the Bats media guide.) The first pitch was a ball. He swung at the second pitch, flying out to left field. Bummer. I was so sure he would bring the runners home. Gutierrez did the job, hitting a single to right. He tried to stretch it into a double, and was thrown out, ending the inning. Game tied, 4-4.

Bubba got a chance to redeem himself in the bottom of the tenth. With one out, runners on the corners, and lefty Corey Hamman on the mound, Toledo decided to intentionally walk the right-handed Snyder to reach Bubba.

So he came to the plate with bases loaded, one out. Ball, foul...then Bubba hit a slow roller to 2B. Their only play was at home, but speedy Tyrell Godwin, on 3B, scored easily. It was ruled a fielder's choice and RBI for Bubba. A walkoff fielder's choice!

Bubba's game-winner was also chosen the Big Boy Big Play of the Game.

Yay, Bubba!

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Heard Damon may go on the DL. I wonder if the Yankees wish they'd kept Bubba. Bernie's gone, and his range was pretty bad anyways. Think Melky can cover CF?
commented by Blogger ken, April 06, 2007 8:14 AM  
Melky's defense has improved. He doesn't quite have Bubba's range, and he doesn't read balls hit over his head as well, but he's pretty solid defensively.

It's his hitting I wonder about. Based on his minor league stats, I think last year might have been a bit of a fluke, especially the OBP. And now that he's not playing regularly, he could struggle. He hit below the Mendoza line after becoming a reserver OFer last season. He had a terrible spring this year, and so far hasn't gotten a hit in the regular season.

If Damon is out for awhile, they'll probably call up Thompson, Reese, or Sardinha. I think that's their new plan: use the kids as long as they have options. Once they're of option, adios. Unless they turn into stars, like Cano and Wang have.
commented by Blogger BubbaFan, April 06, 2007 5:04 PM  

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