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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sir Sidney gets the win

March 21, 2007: Minnesota Twins 5, Cincinnati Reds 3

There are now only 39 active players left in camp. Before today's game, the Reds announced that they were releasing Paul Wilson. Not exactly a surprise, but everyone seemed to like the guy, and was rooting for him. The Reds are now so deep in pitching they didn't even have room for him in the minors. He'll probably end up with the Nationals.

Wilson is probably best known to Yankees fans as that guy Kyle Farnsworth beat up. Well, one of them...

As for the game...Ponson wasn't exactly lights-out, but Milton was worse. Josh Hamilton continued his hit parade, going 1 for 3 with a walk. Deno was 0 for 4, but it sounded like he was robbed once or twice. Freel struggled a bit in center field, but he's been on the shelf awhile, so I guess that's to be expected.

John Fay reports that Norris Hopper injured his heel (not his knee, as I thought). He will be out about a week, which may be good news for Denorfia.

The Dayton Daily News had this injury report on Bubba:

Outfielder Bubba Crosby (calf strain) played in a minor-league game Wednesday and is expected back with the team today.

I think that article is for tomorrow's paper, so it means he's expected back with the team Thursday. Hopefully he'll get some playing time in the Yankees game tomorrow.

The Cincinnati Enquirer has an article called 11 things to watch over the last 11 days of Reds spring training. Number 4 on the list:

Who's going to be the 25th man? The choices: infielder Mark Bellhorn; outfielders Bubba Crosby, Chris Denorfia and Norris Hopper; and catcher Chad Moeller. The club probably would get the most out of a right-handed-hitting outfielder (Denorfia or Hopper).

Which one? "We've been debating that for years," a Reds coach said. "They're very close."

Seems like a lot of people are expecting the Reds to take either Deno or Hopper, simply because they are right-handed.

In other news...the "trade A-Rod" speculation is heating up again. Mike Ventre thinks A-Rod should be traded to the Angels, perhaps for Santana. Meanwhile, Halos Heaven reports that a deal has already been done, with A-Rod going to the Angels in exchange for Jered Weaver, Dustin Moseley and Jose Molina.

I can understand all the reasons to trade A-Rod, but jeez...the Angels? The Yankees' nemesis?

Then there's this wacky story: Manny selling barbecue grill on eBay. More Manny being Manny, I guess. The guy's a multi-millionaire, and he's selling a used grill on eBay?

On a more serious note, the Yankees are trying to get Cory Lidle's widow, Melanie, to throw out the first pitch on opening day. The Yankees will be wearing black armbands all season in memory of Lidle.

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