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Friday, March 09, 2007

Losing Streak

March 9, 2007: Cleveland Indians 7, Cincinnati Reds 3

Well, I think almost everyone now agrees that phenom Homer Bailey is not quite ready for prime time. Just as well. There's a logjam for the fifth starter spot, so there's no reason he shouldn't continue to hone his skills in Louisville.

But while I was listening to this game, it did occur to me that "Homer" is a really bad name for a pitcher. Bailey gave up five runs on two homers, and put the Reds in a hole they could not climb out of. The Reds are now in a two-game skid.

Bubba entered the game in 4th inning, pinch-running for Dunn, who was HBP. He got to 3B on a Conine double, but was stranded when A-Gon struck out and Castro grounded out.

Bubba remained in the game and took over left field (again). He made one running catch that impressed the crowd, judging from the audio.

Bubba led off the bottom of the 6th. Jeff Harris was pitching. Bubba tried a bunt on the first pitch, but it bounced right back to the catcher, and he was thrown out.

Bubba was back up to the plate in the bottom of the 8th. JD Martin pitching. One on, one out. Martin pulled the string, and Bubba went down swinging.

Bubba's line for the day: 0 for 2. He's hitting .316 / .409 / .526.

And I've expanded my post about the Yankees game. Added audio, video, links, and articles. I was going to split off the part about fan and media reaction to Bubba's homecoming into another post, but decided not to, since there were already comments about it under the original post. So pardon the length. :-)

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