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Monday, March 12, 2007

The Jays

Bubba, left, watching Bellhorn taking BP

March 12, 2007: Cincinnati Reds 3, Toronto Blue Jays 0

The photo above actually has nothing to do with today's game. I just felt like posting it. It's from SI.

I missed today's game because of work. I was following it in spare moments via Trent's blog. Once again, Bubba entered the game late, and got only one at-bat. He led off in the bottom of the 7th. Ball, swinging strike, then a popup - caught by Jays' backup catcher Sal Fasano.

That makes it two whole at-bats without a hit. Puts him at .333 / .407 / .583.

Tomorrow the Reds go to Legends Field to face the Yanks again. I thought it would be on YES, but it looks like it's not. No TV coverage. Bummer.

And the Reds' first cut was today. Most of the cuts were pitchers. One position player, outfielder Chris Dickerson, was optioned to Class AA Chattanooga.

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