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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Double Bubba Doubles

March 10, 2007: Cincinnati Reds 5, Cleveland Indians 3

Well, the Reds got revenge for yesterday's loss. And guess who plated the go-ahead run?

Bubba started in right field, batting 8th. And he had to be pleased with how he played today. He's winning over a lot of doubters.

His first at-bat was in the 3rd. Jake Westbrook (former Yankee) on the mound, one on, no outs. Narron called two hit-and-runs in a row. (The kind of thing you see only in spring training games.) They were tough pitches; Bubba fouled both of them, and IMO, he did well just to make contact. That left him in an 0-2 hole. Still, he fouled another one off, then flied out to deep center. (Center field is pretty huge in this park.) Even though it was an out, it was a pretty good at-bat, all things considered.

Bubba came to the plate again in the 5th. Brian Slocum on the mound, Castro on first, one out. On a 1-0 count, Bubba doubled to right, impressing the Indians' hitting coach, who was being interviewed in the booth at the time. Bubba just missed a home run; the ball hit the wall in the right field corner.

Standup double for Bubba [WMV, 2.5 Mb]

It wasn't cashed in, alas. Castro didn't score from 1B. Gil, up next, singled, but it was to 3B, and the runners held. Denorfia struck out on three pitches, and Hatteberg, despite getting ahead 2-0 in the count, grounded into a force out.

Bubba came up again in the 6th. The score was 2-2. Lefty Aaron Laffey was on the mound. Paul Janish on 2B, two outs. Bubba lined one to left field, just fair, for another double. This one scored Janish. It was the go-ahead run, pinning Laffey with the loss. Yay, Bubba!

Another double for Bubba [WMV, 3.0 Mb]

Bubba was pulled in the bottom of the 7th, replaced with Dewayne Wise. His line for the day: 2 for 3, with two doubles and 1 RBI. He's hitting .364 / .440 / .636.

Bubba is making people sit up and take notice, that's for sure. According to Krivsky, the first cut will be soon:

The Reds' first cut will be coming soon. But neither Narron nor general manager Wayne Krivsky will reveal the date.

"I would rather not have the players worry about it," Krivsky said.

I think Bubba's shown more than enough to stick around awhile longer, but who knows how Narron and Krivsky think.

Those of you who like Scruffy!Bubba better hope he makes the team. If he ends up in Louisville, he's going to have go back to Yankee-style grooming standards:

MINOR RULES: Players in the minor-league camp are required to wear high socks with stirrups. Facial hair, long hair and earrings are banned as well.

And there was a familiar face in the Indians lineup. Long-time Red Sock Trot Nixon played his first spring training game. (He's coming back from back surgery.) He went 0 for 2.

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