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Friday, March 16, 2007

Bucs Edged

The play Bubba was injured on

March 15, 2007: Cincinnati Reds 3, Pittsburgh Pirates 2

It was the second game of a doubleheader, so Bubba got to start. He was originally supposed to play right field, but Hamilton was scratched due to shin splints, and Bubba was moved to center field, batting lead off.

He only played two innings. Paulino hit a liner over his head in the first inning. Though some reported that he misjudged the ball and made an ill-timed dive for it, it seems what really happened was he lost his footing the grass and fell. It ended up being a 2-RBI triple.

Bubba was injured on the play, though he stayed in until the end of the 2nd. I hope that means it's not that serious.

His first and only at-bat, facing old teammate Shawn Chacon, he worked the count full, then flew out to CF. He fielded his position well enough in the 2nd, but did not come out for the 3rd. Denorfia took over for him. Later in the game, they announced Bubba had a mild strain of his left calf muscle.

Still no word on how long he's expected to be out. Today's game was rained out, so there's been no more news. The reporters all high-tailed it home to watch March Madness on TV.

Anyway, until the end, last night's game was probably most boring I have ever watched/listened to. And not only because it was sadly Bubba-less. It just seemed really sloppy. Fielders making dopey mistakes, letting the ball drop in between them, or throwing it into the stands. Runners not only getting doubled off, but almost lapping the guy ahead of them. (No, it wasn't Bubba who did that!) Batters hitting out of order. Runners getting beaned by the throw. At this point in spring training, you expect things to be pulling together. Not last night.

The game ended well, though. Marte on the mound, the score 2-1 Bucs. Machado walked, Janish struck out swinging. Machado stole 2B. Deno singled to center, scoring Machado. Game tied, one out.

Joey Votto walked. Then a wild pitch, putting Deno on 3B, Votto on 2B. Ryan Jorgensen singled to center, scoring Deno. 3-2 Reds, and game over.

Exciting and gratifying ending. I wish Bubba could have been a part of it.

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