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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Beware the Ides of March

March 15, 2007: Pittsburgh Pirates 13, Cincinnati Reds 1

This was the first game of a day-night, home-away, split-squad double-header. And boy, was it ugly. The wind was blowing out again...but somehow, it didn't help the Reds hitters. The Reds had only six hits...two of them by pitchers, and one of them by the catcher.

I don't think Bubba even went to Bradenton. That makes this the first game he hasn't played in this spring training. He will be playing in the second game in Sarasota tonight. He's even starting. He was originally listed as the right fielder, but was moved to center field when Josh Hamilton was scratched. (Shin splints again.)

The starting pitcher for the Bucs will be former Yankee Shawn Chacon again.

The Enquirer has yet another article on the outfield situation:

Denorfia and Hopper are competing with Bubba Crosby for an extra outfield spot. Crosby would be the fourth left-handed-hitting outfielder.

Denorfia and Hopper are similar players in that they are very solid fundamentally with limited power.

Hopper won the International League batting title, hitting .347 in 383 at-bats for Louisville.

Denorfia would have edged Hopper for the title if Denorfia had had enough at-bats to quality. He hit .349 in 312 at-bats.

Denorfia has more power - seven homers at Louisville to none for Hopper. Hopper has more speed - 25 steals at Louisville to 15 for Denorfia. Both can play all three outfield positions.

Both Denorfia and Hopper have options. Crosby doesn't. Crosby hit .276 in 98 at-bats for the New York Yankees in 2005 but slipped to .207 in 87 at-bats last year. He is considered a very good defensive outfielder.

I can't but wonder if tonight is the last time Bubba will wear a Reds uniform. The Reds are expected to make big cuts after today's double header. And Bubba did say that if he's going to be cut, he wants it to be early, so he has time to hook up with another team.


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