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Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Atlanta Braves

March 18, 2007: Atlanta Braves 6, Cincinnati Reds 5

The Braves played two games today, and the Reds definitely faced the weaker split of the split-squad. But Harang had a rough day, and the Reds found themselves in the hole early. It was 0-2 after half an inning, and 0-4 in the 4th. By the bottom of the 9th, it was 6-3, and the game seemed out of reach. The Reds never give up, though, and made it interesting.

It helped that Will Startup, closing the game for the Braves, struggled. After getting a groundout from the LLM, Startup gave up a single and two walks, loading the bases. Then two more singles, by Janish and Moeller, scored two runs. But Bellhorn flew out and Jorgenson struck out swinging, ending the inning and the game. A valiant effort, that fell just short.

The Reds play the Tiggers tomorrow, then have an off day on Tuesday. According to Trent, Bubba is expected to be back the day after the off day. That would be Wednesday, for the Twinkies game. And the day after that is the last Yankees game. I was afraid Bubba was going to miss that one, but it sounds like they're expecting him to be good to go by then.

I guess if he had to be out a week, he picked a good one. With one game rained out and an off day, he didn't miss too much playing time.

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