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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Trent posts a clarification

Update on the current Bubba brouhaha...

C. Trent Rosecrans, author of the article that's caused such a ruckus, has posted at Blogging the Bombers, in defense of Bubba Crosby:

in no way did bubba 'rip' torre and the yankees. he just said it was different.

he was saying in the national league a fifth outfielder -- especially one on jerry narron's squad -- is going to get a lot more at-bats than a fifth outfielder on an american league team.

this was unused, but better sums up the tone of the interview

"It was an honor that Joe had enough faith and trust in me to throw me out there. In '05 I started three of the five games of the postseason. But if an offensive situation came up and it was me or Bernie Williams, Bernie was going to hit. I understood that role."

i didn't even see it as being an anti-yankee rant, which some people are taking it as here. bubba said he knew his place in new york and he enjoyed his time there and his time as a yankee, but thought his skills were better suited to the national league

Thanks, Trent!

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: Trent has also posted a clarification at his blog.

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