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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Team Nappy 1, Team Bucky 0

I'm still not entirely sure what happened in this game; hopefully there will be some articles about it tonight or tomorrow. But I gather it was not a great day for our hero. Bubba's team lost - and he had a hand it.

In the third inning, he misplayed a line drive to right, letting it get past him. It was originally reported as a three-base error, but it looks like they ruled it a double and an error. The speedy Dickerson, a cousin of running back Eric Dickerson, would later score from third - the only run of the game. But it came at a cost; Dickerson turned his ankle as he hit home plate, and had to leave the game.

The run was unearned, because of Bubba's error. Not sure how our boy did at the plate, but he didn't get a hit. There weren't many hits, which is pretty much to be expected in early spring training.

Hey, it's only an intrasquad scrimmage. Tomorrow is another day.


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