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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Reds Rally

Arroyo at Reds Rally

Not much news yesterday because everyone left early for a fan event called Reds Rally. The image above, of Bronson Arroyo, is the only photo I've found. I think that's Chris Denorfia next to Arroyo; looks like a DE on the jersey, and first number looks like a 2. (He's wearing 27 now.) The next guy over might be Bubba; looks like it might be a CR on the jersey. But it's so low-res, you can't really tell.

The Reds have announced the starting rotation for the first four exhibition games: LHP Eric Milton on Thursday at Pittsburgh, RHP Kyle Lohse on Friday at Minnesota, RHP Aaron Harang on Saturday vs. Minnesota and RHP Bronson Arroyo on Sunday at Pittsburgh.

Meanwhile, the Yankees soap opera continues. Bernie's mom says she's praying her son accepts that his Yankee career is over. Oy. I hope when the time comes for Jeter, Jorgie, and Mo to hang up their pinstripes, that they just make a clean break. Sign with another team, or retire in glory. Don't hang around like Bernie. The last couple of years, fans have been calling him GOB (for "Ghost of Bernie," referring to his faded skills). It seems even more appropriate this year.

Meanwhile, Ted Robinson wonders why the Yanks didn't trade A-Rod during the off-season:

...Rodriguez should have known the end began on that day last October in Detroit when Joe Torre batted him eighth. It may have been the prudent move on that day for the Yankees' playoff hopes, but it left Rodriguez marooned on an island of embarrassment from which there is no return.

I'm kind of surprised the Yankees didn't trade A-Rod. Lots of teams would have been interested, and A-Rod would probably have agreed to almost any team that could afford him. Now the opt-out clause looms - a further distraction to a man who doesn't handle distraction well.

Then there's Carl "Glass-@$$" Pavano. He got hit on the foot by a line drive, and had to go for an MRI. Unbelievable.

I dunno, for some reason I am more pessimistic about the Yankees' chances this season than I have ever been. The starting rotation seems shaky, especially compared to Boston's. The A-Rod/Jeter thing seems to be getting worse, not better. An already old team is a year older; in particular, Giambi as an everyday DH seems like a bad idea on a team where there so many aging veterans who might need a half day off now and then. (Though Giambi playing 1B is an even worse idea.)

Ah, well. I'm not giving up, by any means. If Jeff Weaver can pitch the Cards to a World Series championship, anything's possible.

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posted by BubbaFan, 4:27 PM


just curious, not red sox sniping :) but does "the starting rotation seems shaky" apply to pettite? where do you come down on his return? astros fans felt a little blindsided; most comments were along the lines of "he followed the $$" rather than an affront of loyalty, since he's always lived in clear lake (south of houston, not quite to galveston).
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, February 25, 2007 8:37 PM  
Yes, it applies to Pettitte. I'm not one of those Yankees fans who holds a grudge against Andy for leaving. But I do think the Yanks were right to let him go. He's only 34 now, but he's old before his time. He seems very injury-prone. I think he'll pitch okay...when he's healthy. The problem will be staying healthy.
commented by Blogger BubbaFan, February 25, 2007 9:20 PM  

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