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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ready for some football

A couple of weeks ago, when the Colts were losing big at halftime, one of the studio guys dissed Peyton Manning by saying, "If he loses this game, he'll have to move to A-Rod's neighborhood, because that's where he'll belong." Ouch. Gratuitous A-Rod bashing, even in the off-season.

Well, Manning doesn't have to move, at least not yet. He led his Colts to a stunning come-from-behind victory. The biggest comeback in conference championship history. Chicago may be too much for him, though. I think Da Bears will be doing the Super Bowl Shuffle again.

I have overtime at work tomorrow, but should be out in time for the big game. (My boss runs the office football pool, so he understands. ;-)

The NY papers are reporting that Bernie Williams is leaning toward accepting the Yankees' spring training invite. He's not expected to make the team, but it would give him a chance to say goodbye to the fans. He will probably retire after spring training.

And the much-maligned Carl Pavano is hoping to shut up his detractors with his pitching. He may be the Yankees' fifth starter. Or they may trade him, if he does well. (Otherwise, it would be buying high and selling low.)

Meanwhile, in Cincinnati...Krivsky talks a little about his plan for the Reds here. Cincinnati had trouble scoring runs last year. Plus GABP is supposed to be a hitter's park. So many expected Krivsky to get some sluggers. But he hasn't. He says he's concentrating on improving pitching and defense, because it's the fastest way to improve a team.

Torre often says that pitching and defense is what wins championships. Of course, he says that, but keeps playing the likes of Jason Giambi.

On paper, the Reds' chances would appear to be slim. They did well last season until they faded down the stretch, but the other teams in their division have opened up their wallets, while the Reds have not. But if money bought championships, the Yankees would win every year. No one thought the Cards would win last year. Anything can happen.

Me, I'm expecting the Reds to beat the Yankees in the World Series this year. Bubba will be MVP.

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