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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Lunar New Year

It's now the Year of the Pig. (FWIW, Bubba was born in the Year of the Dragon. Fire Dragon, specifically. The only reason I know this is my sister was born in the Year of the Dragon. The Dragon is by far the coolest sign of the Chinese zodiac. Or so she told me. Repeatedly. :-)

Spring training is gearing up. In Sarasota, Griffey has been cleared to play. But Gary Majewski's shoulder is still hurting.

Yahoo has some new spring training photos from Sarasota. None of Bubba yet, alas, but position players don't officially report until Wednesday. Most of the coverage is on pitchers and catchers, not surprisingly.

The Yankees soap opera continues. Bernie has not turned up in Tampa, though Torre, Jeter, and others are begging him to give it a shot. Position players report today for the Yanks, and he has not reported. If he's not there tomorrow for a physical, I guess that's the end of his Yankees career.

The Rockies are interested in Pavano. Though the Yanks just might be keeping him. Supposedly, his workouts have been impressive. And it's not like the Yanks have a lot of spare starting pitching, especially if Clemens really does retire, as he says he will.

The Red Sox are drooling at the idea of signing Mariano Rivera. I think Mo will remain in pinstripes, despite the tough talk on both sides, but jeez. If there's one player I don't want to see in a Boston uniform, it's Mo.

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