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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Groundhog Lied

Let me just say...I am a complete idiot for going to work yesterday. Hardly anyone was there. The roads weren't too awful in the morning, but by afternoon - oy. I'm lucky I didn't crash into anything.

I even had trouble walking in the snow. It was a very fine, powdery snow. The kind that won't pack into snowballs, no matter what you do. There was a huge plowdrift in front of my walkway. I tried to climb over it, but the snow was so fine I sank through it up to my waist. It was like being trapped in quicksand. I had to sort of crawl over/through it. Like swimming through snow. Sheesh. I hope no one saw me, because I must have looked ridiculous.

The Washington Post ran a nice Josh Hamilton profile on Monday. Nothing I hadn't heard before, but there's a lot more detail than I've seen in other stories.

Perhaps the most interesting bit is that the article claims the Rays weren't too upset to see Hamilton go. It says they were mildly surprised, but had little remorse. Maybe the Reds will be able to work out a trade after all.

Also, Josh's nickname is apparently "Hammer." (Wasn't that Tom DeLay's nickname?) In Josh's case, I assume it's from his last name. (There's a city in Ontario, Canada called Hamilton. A group devoted to revitalizing this city calls itself Raise the Hammer. Everyone always thinks they are communists or something, but no, it's a reference to the city's nickname: The Hammer.)

And Mr. Hamilton must be quite the physical specimen. The WaPo reporter writes an awful lot about what a hottie Josh is. Heck, even Trent comments on Hamilton's looks. If the men are this impressed, I suspect he's going to be quite popular with the female fans, if he makes the roster.

Ken Rosenthal thinks Griffey needs to move to right field. Whether he will or not is another story.

I can only conclude that the Reds outfield is wide open. With spring training starting this week, there are a ton of previews, predictions, etc. And very little agreement. Griffey in center, or in right...or on the DL. Freel in center, or kept as all-around utility guy, or traded for pitching. Hamilton kept on the roster no matter what, or returned to sender due to extreme rust. Denorfia, Hopper, and/or Crosby starting in center, kept as bench players, or sent to Louisville. I think it's all going to depend on how they do in spring training.

Lots of articles on Cashman's new power, and his coldly logical way of wielding it. But this one stands out, because it suggests that maybe Cash is going too far, treating Mo like he would any ordinary player.

Mo is clearly unhappy about it. I can understand Cashman's logic. Relievers tend to fall off a cliff unexpectedly, especially at Mo's age. It makes sense to wait until the last possible minute. But jeez, this is Mo. There is such a thing as being too cold-hearted, even for a GM.

The Yankees, who are basically wearing the same uniform Babe Ruth wore, have changed their spring training uniforms. There's now a white stripe on the sides of the jerseys, and white piping on the caps.

Here's new Yankee Kei Igawa in the new uni:

The hat is okay, but I'm not wild about the stripe on the jersey.

I guess this is how the Cubs are paying Sori's salary:

Not even Wrigley's ivy outfield safe from ads

And Mike Celizic writes a valentine to sports:

You wouldn’t trade in your true love; there are things you do with lovers that you probably don’t want to do with the home team’s left fielder.

Hey, speak for yourself, Hat-man!

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Funny about the groundhog. I just wrote a poem about him.
commented by Blogger Unknown, February 16, 2007 12:33 AM  
Ooops! How embarrasing. I ment this one:
commented by Blogger Unknown, February 16, 2007 12:34 AM  

Something tells me you're not going to be keynote speaker at the PETA convention any time soon... ;-)
commented by Blogger BubbaFan, February 16, 2007 7:44 AM  

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