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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yankees Roundtable Remembers Bubba

Yesterday, Mike G. of Yankees Roundtable offers a Proper Sendoff for Bubba:

I know this comes very late, but I realized that we never gave Crosby a proper goodbye after his four years with the Yanks...

While there was certainly no room for Bubba anymore on the Yankees, it was a little sad to see him go. He did have a lot of great moments and provide us with some good memories... He left the team leaving Yankee fans with a good feeling about his tenure.

Today, Mike T. had this followup:

Saw Mike’s post on Bubba Crosby and the video clip. Take a look at it again and note the following:

The Defensive clip is essentially the same play from the ALDS against Anaheim when Sheffield collided with Bubba. Note how fast Bubba tracked down the ball and crashed into the wall, while Sheffield clearly had decided to play it off the wall. If only Sheffield had done that in 2005.

Well, at least some fans don't put all the blame on Bubba for that play...

Sigh. I always thought if Torre had played Bubba more that year, instead of futzing around with the likes of Womack, Lawton, and Sierra, Bubba and Sheff would have been used to each other, and would have avoided that collision. Heck, the team might have been more rested, too. That brutal stretch run was exhausting. I could hardly stand it, and I was only watching. Given how close the division race turned out to be, you can't help thinking that playing Bubba for the 66 games Womack got in the outfield might have made a big difference. Bubba hit better than Womack, and his defense was better, too. (Womack's an infielder, fer crissakes.)


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