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Friday, January 26, 2007

Various stuff

No major news, but there's a lot of little stuff...

RHP Jason Standridge was released by the Mets today. Standridge was the pitcher DFA'd by the Reds to clear a roster spot for Bubba. He was picked up by the Mets four days later. Wow. You'd think they'd at least keep him until spring training.

The Reds released their 2002 first round draft pick, Chris Gruler. He had some injury issues last season, but still, this is a surprise.

The Red Sox finally got the J.D. Drew deal done. As suspected, the holdup was a possible shoulder injury.

The Yankees' deal with Miguel Cairo became official today; pitcher Matt Salvo was DFA'd to make room for him.

This story is kind of sad:

Bernie beginning to understand he's not wanted

"Part of me says if they wanted me, they would have made an offer by now," he said in a story published yesterday. "When you play this game for a long time, you take things for granted and think it won't end. But the harsh reality of it is, it will."

...A Yankee from 1991 through 2006, Williams clearly is hurt by the Yankees' decision. Asked whether he would play for another club, he said, "Yeah, I think I could. The loyalty factor goes both ways. When a team that you've played for doesn't want to offer a contract, it is making a business decision. So I have to make a business decision."

Hard to imagine Bernie is another team's uniform.

And Cory Lidle was a Red as well as a Yankee in his long and itinerant career. He liked poker, and ran a celebrity poker tournament that raised money for charity. His friends are continuing the event, in his memory. Barry Zito one of the sponsors.

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