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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Reds to face Zambrano on Opening Day

The Reds host the Cubs on opening day, April 2, and Sweet Lou already has his starter picked out: Carlos Zambrano.

"I know one thing, [Carlos] Zambrano will be my Opening Day starter," Piniella said of the right-hander, who will kick off the season for the third straight year.

And the Atlanta Braves have announced the details on the Craig Wilson signing. It's a one-year deal, worth "only" $2 million.

Wow. That's quite a pay cut. His salary last year was $3.3 million. And before his unfortunate stint as a Yankee, he was expected to get maybe $5 million in 2007. Instead, he got the same as Jeff Conine.

Speaking of Atlanta...Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is in some hot water. He tried to bring a 20 oz water bottle on a plane. His reluctance to give it up to security aroused suspicion. The bottle turned out to have a secret compartment, hidden by the label. Inside was a substance that appeared to be marijuana.

Geez, Mike. Have you been living in a cave? Did you really expect to get a 20 oz. water bottle past security? They were confiscating tubes of lip gloss, for pete's sake. I guess if you fly on the Falcons' chartered jet, you don't have to go through security.

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