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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Reds Press Release

The Reds put out a press release (PDF) yesterday. It's kind of a newsletter thing, with tidbits about all kinds of things. Griffey's hand is "healing as expected" - which is apparently what they always say. There's a list of the winterball stats of all the Reds players who participated. (Watch out for Norris Hopper, Bubba.) And there's a list of the spring training non-roster invitees. Only one outfielder on that list: Dewayne Wise, a 28-year-old lefty who would have made the roster last spring if not for an ill-timed injury.

So there will be nine outfielders at spring training. Ken Griffey, Jr., Adam Dunn, and Ryan Freel are guaranteed spots, which leaves Bubba Crosby, Chris Denorfia, Chris Dickerson, Josh Hamilton, Norris Hopper, and Dewayne Wise competing for the (probably) two remaining spots.

The press release also said the Reds would be providing satellite video feeds from Florida. Interviews, and that kind of thing, for the local news to show. Hopefully, MLB.TV will pick them up for us non-locals.


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