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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Notes from all over

I guess the biggest news of the day is that Miguel Cairo has been re-signed. This despite all the reports yesterday that Cashman was "looking outside the organization."

A lot of Yankees fans don't like Cairo. I'm not sure why. He's not a slugger, but if he was, he wouldn't be a utility guy. Most stats say he's better on defense than the starters, but perhaps fans don't realize it because he looks kind of klutzy on the field. He doesn't have the grace of a Jeter or a Cano. But he gets to the ball. His batting average is not very good, but it's much better with runners on. He's a good situational hitter. He's probably the best bunter on the team, now that Bubba's left for greener (er...Redder?) pastures. And Bowa says Cairo is the best baserunner on the team. Not the fastest, but the best.

There were a lot of ex-Yankees in the news this week. Mike Vento, an outfielder who got a cup of coffee with the Yankees a couple of years ago, got a minor league deal with the Blue Jays, and an invitation to spring training. He had a pretty good season with the Nats, mostly with their Triple-A club.

The Rockies were rumored to be talking to Sal Fasano, but it sounds like they will be signing Javy Lopez as a backup catcher instead.

Karim Garcia lost his job in Japan, and is back in the states. The Rockies have offered him a minor league deal.

Ron Villone says he hasn't heard from the Yankees, though they purport to be still considering him. I think the Yankees will be adding a southpaw to the bullpen soon. If not Villone, then Mike Gonzalez or Scott Schoeneweis.

On the Reds front...WBRS Sports Blog has a story about a personal encounter with Ken Griffey, Jr. (Cast and all.) He seems like a really nice guy.

And ye gods and little fishies, a Red Sox fan signed my guestbook. She's a fan of Bubba's, but hates the Yanks, so she's glad he's escaped from the "Evil Empire." Wow. Who knew Bubba had fans in Red Sox Nation?

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