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Monday, January 29, 2007

Not Forgotten

Bubba hasn't been forgotten by Yankees fans. Came across this article, about the New Jersey high school girls' bowler of the week, Laura Ackerson. In her profile, she names the Yankees as her favorite team, and Bubba Crosby as her favorite player. She's not the first high school athlete I've seen list Bubba as her favorite. He seems to be quite popular among teenage girls.

But not all his fans are girls. In this week's Yankees Mailbag, "Jonathan D." of Palm Beach, Florida, asks about Bubba:

What happened to Bubba Crosby? Is he going to play for the Yankees again, or another MLB team? He seemed to be a good player who didn't have too many chances.

Could be. Crosby left the Yankees as a six-year Minor League free agent after the season and latched on with Cincinnati. Crosby isn't guaranteed anything, but he's headed to camp in Sarasota, Fla., to fight for a roster spot as a reserve outfielder.

Maybe as soon as this week. Though spring training doesn't officially start for another three weeks, it's common for players to go down early, especially the ones who aren't guaranteed a roster spot. Todd Coffey says he's headed for Sarasota on Friday, and I suspect he's not the only one.

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