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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Closing time...

I guess winter hasn't been canceled after all. Yikes. From Texas to Maine, California to New York, the weather's turned nasty. Spring training suddenly seems a lot farther away. But time is winding down...

The Reds avoided arbitration with Lohse; that leaves only Harang. They are also close to signing closer Eddie Guardado to a minor league deal.

Meanwhile, the long-rumored Gonzo for LaRoche trade between the Pirates and the Braves is finally a go. Details are still fuzzy, but rumor is, it's a four-player deal. The other players are supposedly shortstop Brent Lillibridge, one of Pittsburgh's top prospects, and Atlanta prospect Jamie Romak, an outfielder. Guess this means Cashman's dreams of adding Gonzo to the bullpen are over. Unless they can work a trade with Atlanta, of course.

This article claims that the Yankees are eying K-Rod as Mo's possible successor. The Yankees without's almost unimaginable to me. But he's 37, so I guess they have to start thinking about the post-Rivera era. If not Gonzo, K-Rod?

Free agents yet unsigned must be getting nervous. I wonder where Craig Wilson will wind up? I liked him even before he was a Yankee, and it's sad that the Yankees have apparently ruined the market for him. He did not play well with the Yanks, but he really didn't get a fair shot. I'm surprised his value has fallen so far, so fast. Nobody seems to want him. The Orioles chose Aubrey Huff instead. The Yankees signed Doug Mientkiewicz (who has been given Sheff's old number - can I just call him #11 now?). The Reds picked Jeff Conine. Now it appears the Pirates have the first baseman of their dreams, LaRoche.

Speaking of Conine, he's claimed #19 from Chris Denorfia. I hope he gives the kid something nice in return. "Heartthrob" is now assigned #27.

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