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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Year's Turning

I posted A Bubba Crosby Retrospective over at Red Hot Mama. Basically, hitting the highlights of Bubba's Yankees career, as both as a fond goodbye to his time in pinstripes, and a way to introduce him to Reds fans who don't know anything about him.

Red Hot Mama is quickly becoming my favorite Reds blog. Which is odd, because it's nothing like Bronx Banter, my favorite Yankees blog. Maybe it's just nice to read something different. Or perhaps it's the different teams they follow; I suspect crunching stats is a lot more fun when you've got a whole lineup of full of all-stars.

Nothing much going on on the Reds front these days. Former Red and Yankee Aaron Boone was signed by the Marlins. The Reds were interested in him, but perhaps not enough to make him an offer. Boone had a pretty bad year, and many were surprised he got a major league deal.

Or maybe Boone just preferred Miami to Cincinnati. I hear he likes Joe's Stone Crab.

Reds spring training tickets go on sale Tuesday. Though they aren't selling tickets to the Yankees game yet, except as part of a multigame pack. Single-game tickets for that one will go on sale January 13.

Meanwhile, in New rumors are sprouting like mushrooms after a rain. Many thought that with Zito off the market, the Yanks would be reluctant to trade the Big Unit, but they still seem keen to move him. The Star-Ledger is reporting that "Randy Johnson's brief stay in New York could end as soon as today."

The Yankees are also still interested in Doug Mientkiewicz for first base. They still want a lefty reliever. And obviously, they'll need someone to replace the Big Unit. Expect the wheeling and dealing to continue well into the new year.

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