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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Something Big?

Are the Yankees secretly working on a huge, blockbuster trade? Maybe. There's a guy who posts occasionally at the YES message boards. He claims he has a friend who's a scout for the Yankees. Is that true? I dunno. YES recently installed new message board software, so nobody has a very long history there (even though they've had their message board and most of their regular posters for years).

Anyway, tonight this person said said his scout friend told him the Yanks are working on a monster trade. If it goes through (big if), it will be the second biggest trade in MLB history. As many as five teams are involved (Yankees, Rangers, Angels, Braves, White Sox). Two Yankees who have no-trades may be traded. (Presumably Randy Johnson and Alex Rodriguez.) When the dust settles, the Yankees will have a new lefty reliever (not necessarily Gonzalez), a new third baseman, a new first baseman, and maybe a new, almost-ready catching prospect.

Quite a shakeup, if it actually happens.

And in other news...100 MLB players tested positive for steroids in 2003:

A federal appeals court revealed today that more than 100 major league baseball players tested positive for steroids in 2003, and ruled that the government could use their tests in its investigation of illegal drug distribution to athletes.

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco also said federal investigators had obtained Major league Baseball's 2003 testing samples and results for 10 players linked to the investigation of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, or BALCO, and that eight of them had tested positive for steroids.

Oy. That spattering sound you heard was the spit hitting the fan...

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