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Monday, December 25, 2006

The shirt off his back

Look what Santa brought me:

It's one of Bubba's jerseys from his stint with the Columbus Clippers this year. "Santa" was actually my best friend, D. I always said he's the kind of guy who'll give you the shirt off his back. But this time, it was the shirt off Bubba's back. A very cool souvenir, especially since it's from the last year the Clippers were part of the Yankees organization.

In other news... The Star-Ledger is reporting that the Yankees are talking about trading Randy Johnson back to Arizona. The Big Unit has a no-trade clause, but he hates NY and still lives in Arizona. He would happily agree to this trade.

I must say, I wasn't expecting anything like this. But it could make sense. Arizona desperately needs starting pitchers and a marquee name. The Big Unit may not be the pitcher he was a few years ago, but he's still a decent starter, and he'll be better in the NL. He doubtless still has plenty of fans in the Arizona area, who will turn out hoping to see him earn his 300th win.

Meanwhile, the Yankees would love to be rid of RJ. He's been a disappointment. An overpaid disappointment. I don't know who they'd start in his place (Pavano?), but getting Johnson's $16 million a year off the books would free up a lot of cash to pursue other talent.

It's all still just rumor, but supposedly, the Yankees won't pay any of RJ's salary. That being the case, they can't expect much in return: one major leaguer, two minor leaguers. ESPN radio reported that the major leaguer is outfielder Eric Byrnes. If they get him, they'll pull the trigger on the Melky for Gonzo deal.

And the Japanese media are reporting that Aaron Guiel is about to sign with a Japanese team, the Tokyo Yakult Swallows. He will play right field for them, and bat fifth in their lineup. Best of luck, Ralph Malph. I'll miss you.

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Looks like you had a merry Christmas! :)

And what a nice present it would be, if the Yanks can really trade the Big Eunuch.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, December 26, 2006 10:19 PM  

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