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Monday, December 11, 2006

Random Miscellany

I'm giving up sports. I really mean it this time!

Okay, no, I don't. But I swear, the Cowboys are going to kill me. Sometimes they look so good...sometimes they look like they did last night. A Saints fan in the stands had a sign that said, "The Fall of the Romo Empire." That about summed it up. Sigh. At least it'll keep young Tony from getting a big head.

So I get home from work today and find a package on my doorstep, left by the mailman. It's from my mom. Ah, a Christmas present, I think. And I'm right. But it's not for me. No, it's addressed to my cat.

I think that's her way of chiding me for not providing her with grandchildren: "If you have kids, I won't have to send Christmas presents to your cat."

Speaking of Christmas presents...the Yankees are offering holiday ticket packs, with several different game and seat choices. The perfect gift for the Yankee fan on your list. Though a lot of people seem to be buying it for themselves.

This story is sweet. It's about Jon Lester, the young Red Sox pitcher who was diagnosed with cancer last summer. He was overwhelmed by the support he received. The article mentions that the Yankees sent a large bouquet of flowers. They were the only baseball team to send him flowers, except for his own team, the Sox. Guess the "Evil Empire" is not so evil, eh?

Random Bubba link: this one from Alarming News, wherein various fans drool over Bubba and lament the fact that he's married. My favorite is the comment by "Chad":

He's seriously making me reconsider my once-immovable position that I would never date someone named Bubba.

And I came across this odd link today: the Campus Squirrel Listings. It's a web site that rates colleges by their squirrel populations. Of course I immediately had to see if my school was listed. I scrolled down to the R's...nope, it's not there. But Bubba's alma mater, Rice University, is listed:

The Campus Squirrel Listings is sometimes contacted by actual officials from colleges and universities. This is the case with Rice. Terry Shepard, who is Vice President for Public Affairs, reports:

"Hey, any institution can claim to be squirrel heaven. But what evidence do they provide? Some claim devotion to their squirrels? They probably have a photo of an old building on the cover of their campus phone directories. On its, Rice features the noble squirrel! Some schools named squirrels the college mascot? Rice named squirrels the national bird. (See Rice Thresher, April 19, 2002.) Forget the skinny bodies and sparse tails of California squirrels. Pass on the Midwest and Northeast squirrels, which spend much of the school year in hibernation and the rest of it frantically storing up acorns. If you want BIG squirrels year-round, come to Texas, and especially to Houston. Rice squirrels dine at leisure through our warm winters, and spend the summer growing large and lush, like other tropical life. Visit Rice and we are confident that you, an objective expert, will conclude that there is no campus squirrellier than Rice's!"

Now that's what I call being a booster for your school! All in all, Rice deserves a major squirrel ranking!

They gave Rice a rating of five squirrels, the highest ranking. Wow. I am impressed. In addition to all Bubba's other accomplishments, he can claim to hail from the squirreliest campus in the country!

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I know the Alarming News link was from 2005, but just to clarify... for those who are still hoping and wishing, Bubba isn't married. He got engaged, but they postponed the wedding and haven't set a new date. So hope is still alive... ha.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, December 12, 2006 1:20 PM  
Thanks for the info. I'm sure some will be very happy to hear it! ;-)
commented by Blogger BubbaFan, December 12, 2006 7:56 PM  

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