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Friday, December 22, 2006

Griffey Comes to Grief

The big news today is that Reds starting center fielder Ken Griffey, Jr. broke his left hand in a "household accident." No details were released, and apparently, they aren't going to be released. Which is leading to wild speculation.

Whatever it was, it can't be more ridiculous than these true baseball injuries. At least he's never tried to iron his shirt while he was in it.

Griffey is left-handed, so it was his throwing hand he broke. But he may still be ready to play by spring training. If not...I'm not sure if that would improve Bubba's chances or not. The Reds may decide to trade for yet another OFer if Griffey is going to miss significant time. If they decide to stand pat, well, Bubba is probably their best center fielder. Freel can play CF, but they seem to like using him as a utility guy. And there's a feeling that he plays better if he doesn't play too much. Chris Denorfia is the other name mentioned for CF, but he's terrible there, at least judging from his stats. He's a very good right fielder. Center field...not so much.

I'm not sure how Norris Hopper would be in CF. His stats look okay, but he's played very little at the major league level, so the sample size is extremely small.

In other news...Dontrelle Willis was arrested for DUI, after a cop spotted him urinating in the street. Oy. And here I thought he was such an upstanding guy. Up standing and peeing in the street, it would seem.

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Bubba may have just moved up to starting CF'er.
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