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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Veteran's Day

flag Who'd have thunk it? Bubba is the first Yankee free agent to find a new home.

The deal is reportedly a "split contract," where Bubba gets $400,000 if he makes the 25-man roster, but only $75,000 if he ends up in the minors.

The Cincinnati Post has some quotes from the Reds' GM about Bubba:

"We're going to look for him to try to make the team out of spring training," said Reds general manager Wayne Krivsky said. "He's got the ability to play all three outfield positions. He's a left-handed batter and really knows how to play."

"He brings versatility, a left-handed bat and outfield depth," Krivsky said.

"He's a guy that there was a lot of interest in and we're glad to have him," Krivsky said.

The article also notes:

In 182 games in the field, he's only made two errors - neither of them in either of the last two seasons.

At least one of those errors shouldn't have been an error, IMO. Bubba made a great throw to 3B from deep right-center. It got past A-Rod, but it was a good throw. Right on the line. The ball bounced right in front of the bag. Unfortunately, the runner (David Ortiz) was sliding in at the time. I guess they thought Bubba should have used a cutoff man, but I was really impressed at his arm. It was a terrific throw.

I must say, I'm amused at the reactions of Yankee fans to the news that Bubba is now a Red. Some who used to trash him endlessly are nevertheless upset that he's leaving. I guess they expected him to sit by the phone all winter, hoping the Yankees call.

UPDATE: The Reds have already put Bubba on their active roster. Wow. It's so odd to see his name on another team's roster.

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