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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick post to wish Bubba fans near and far a happy Thanksgiving!

And good work on that poll on the Reds' front page. Bubba has surged ahead of Mike Stanton. Next up: A-Gon!

I am currently trying to roast a duck. I am not much of a cook, and something like a turducken is beyond me, but I agreed to try a duck. (Why do I let people talk me into these things?)

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is Dallas Cowboys football. The weatherman on CNN this morning didn't even know if the game was in Dallas or Tampa. And neither did anyone else on the set. Sheesh. It's in Dallas every year. That's why the Cowboys agreed to play every year: guaranteed homefield advantage. Anchor Carol Costello would have known that, if she were there. She's a big-time Detroit Lions fan.

Kelly Clarkson is singing the national anthem, wearing an Emmitt Smith jersey. And Dallas is wearing their "retro" jerseys. They've been wearing them every year on Thanksgiving lately. I don't like them. They're dark, except the sleeves. Dallas has a much better record if they wear their white jerseys. If they must go retro, I wish they'd wear the '90s jerseys, white with blue stars on the sleeves. I always loved how those looked.

Ah, well. As long as they win...

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Happy Thanksgiving! 8-)
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